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The Vocal and Instrumental Music of St. Johns'.....

St. John's Music Programs consist of Two Vocal Choirs, Two Bell Choirs, a Chimes Choir, and a Jazz Band.


Many outstanding singers have favored us with their vocal talents, in our church and in local plays, contests and concerts over our recent history.


Our vocal choirs consist of a Chancel Choir and a Youth Choir....


Check back with us for recorded samples of our music and song, as we build our Music Dept. Site.


Special Links:


<Our Music Ministry Facebook Page>


Attached are two samples of music from our Jazz Band:

1) the video is a live recording from a rehearsal, Oct. 20th, 2015;

2) The MP3 Audio from a rehearsal in June, 2015.

On behalf of the Band, you are invited to attend our Sunday, 11:15 AM Worship Service!


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