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Outreach Programs

Noisy Offerings:  This month the proceeds will benefit

Lutheran Indian Ministries, Christ's Kingdon - Every Native American Nation.

Food Pantry Support:

We collect Parmalot and other brands of "Shelf-Stable" milk for the local Food Pantry.

St. Johns' is the only church in town that provides the Food Pantry with Milk.


We also actively collect and solicit money for the continuing support of the Pantry, and our own "personal shopper" uses the collected funds to purchase more Parmalot!


Contributions may be dropped off any time the church or the church office is open.

Honey Bees

This summer St John's will be collecting donations to procure Honey Bees to help boost the shrinking Worldwide population of the beneficial creatures!

A buzz-worthy gift, honeybees have a growing importance as the shrinking honeybee population worldwide is especially worrisome.

Beeswax can be transformed into handcrafted soaps, candles, honey and other products to create a small, sustainable business.


But that’s not all – we know that their mere presence on a farm means that they are pollinating plants and boosting crop growth far and wide.

Community Outreach Luncheon:

We serve Monthly Community Outreach Luncheon on the Second Saturday of every month in the main activity room of the Education Building. We routinely provide an average of 150 meals, with quantities over 200 on certain "peak weeks".


Our meals are prepared by volunteers right in our own St. John's kitchen! Volunteers provide desserts, from freshly-baked items to freshly procured healthy fruits from local merchants and growers.

Our "Chefs" - taking a well-deserved  break between frantic rushes...   (Manny, Moe & Jack?  - Larry, Curley & Moe?. NO!... Joe, Joe and Joe!)

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